Big Confession and Assumption from Famous Stockbroker: Bitcoin Exceeded My Expectations!

Famous stockbroker Jordan Belfort, president, says that Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded his expectations.

Famous stockbroker Jordan Belfort: Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded my expectations!

In a recent interview, former stockbroker Jordan Belfort says that while he called Bitcoin’s 2017 collapse as real, he has not seen the leading cryptocurrency make a big comeback. Jordan Belfort adds to his comments on the bet:

When I first saw Bitcoin, I thought the technology was brilliant. It was amazing. When I saw it go up to $17,000, $20,000, I said, “Get the hell out.” The day I thought it would crash and collapse was almost right in front of me. I thought it would disappear when it fell and then never come back, but it didn’t. I was wrong about this. I thought it would disappear and it didn’t. Why? Because people believed it accordingly.

Jordan Belfort: Leader cryptocurrency hasn’t made a big comeback now!

Jordan Belfort also looks at the fundamentals of Bitcoin and GameStop. He says the two assets differ from each other in terms of supply dynamics, touting the scarcity of BTC as a valuable selling point. Jordan Belfort adds to his remarks on the bet:

The difference between Bitcoin and GameStop is huge, and that’s the fault of people: not so much if you’re trying to think it has something to do with someone’s gluttony. There is a limited amount of Bitcoin that can be created there. There are also very complex understandable models of how you construct them, and this creates scarcity. There is literally no theoretical unreleased GameStop measure. An endless supply of shares that can be printed and created is not a finite situation. What Bitcoin could do was really get to a point, it was just supply and demand. Considering it’s expensive, it’s expensive. As we have previously reported as , to learn more about the Bitcoin claims of masters, “ Giant Shared Bitcoin and Altcoin Estimates by Giving Date!” You can review our article .

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