Giant Name Date Shared Bitcoin and Altcoin Assumptions!

BlockTower Capital CIO and co-founder Ari Paul says Bitcoin (BTC) could potentially generate over 10x profits in the next two years.

Ari Paul: Bitcoin ends its bull run in the middle of $100,000-400,000

Ari Paul, CIO and co-founder of blockchain investment firm BlockTower Capital, has 149,000 followers, He said that the bull market could last until the end of 2022 and Bitcoin will grow by the middle of 153% to 915% from its current price of $39,000. Ari Paul adds the following to his explanations on the matter:

In terms of time, I guess we have 9-22 months. In terms of price, my guess is BTC ends its bull run in the middle of $100,000-400,000.

BlockTower Capital CIO: Altcoins will eclipse BTC in the coming months

in an interview with Bitcoin bull Raul Pal Although Ari Paul is optimistic about Bitcoin in the long term, he states that altcoins will eclipse the leading cryptocurrency in the coming months. Ari Paul adds:

So, if this bull market is similar to what has come before it… I think in general all cryptocurrencies will probably outperform Bitcoin. And this has happened every time in the past. Basically, lower-end small altcoins tend to perform better. This is because people have an increased tolerance for risk. There is an element of greed. They produce a lot, Bitcoin increases 5 times, people are strong now. They’re looking for their next 5x. And they feel that this will be a nuisance in Bitcoin. So they just start turning to lower quality assets for higher levels.

When are the heaviest periods of the bull market?

Regarding the heaviest bull market rolls, BlockTower Capital’s managing partner says he’s looking for signs of greed too. Ari Paul adds:

Things to watch for: rallies run by high leverage personal investors, exorbitant total leverage in the ecosystem… The timing market is extremely tough. Almost no one is really suitable for this. The general final phase, “9. I think it’s very possible to define “hit”. The challenge is that this tier could take a year (although that’s unlikely) and BTC will rise 300% within this timeframe.

Ari Paul: The best strategy is to watch the paint dry

Ari Paul, when it comes to making the best use of the current explosion cycle, the best strategy suggests that the strategy is to watch the paint dry. Ari Paul adds:

Even if I’m close to the right, it will be hard to beat the buy and hold strategy at the end of this bull run. It is certainly possible for active traders to add a lot of alpha with timing and rotation, but the opportunity cost of mistakes is high.

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