Meltem Demirors Warned: Not Having Bitcoin in Their Portfolio Anymore is a Risk!

CoinShares chief strategy officer (CSO) Meltem Demirors warns that not having Bitcoin (BTC) in institutional investors’ portfolios is now a risky situation.

CoinShares CSO: Institutional investors not having Bitcoin in their portfolio is now a risk!

CoinShares CSO Meltem Demirors talks about the value of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and says:

I think Janet Yellen’s comments are pretty nuanced, three things that are already regulating the Bitcoin industry. There is an alphabet soup of letter agencies. I think there is a misconception that Bitcoin is unsystematic, and that is obviously wrong. We spend a lot of time on harmony in our organization. But look what was going to happen was that investing in Bitcoin in 2020 was a risk for investors. Investing in Bitcoin in 2021 is a risk. And it’s not just investors, it’s companies…. MicroStrategy is rising behind its investments in Bitcoin. Thanks to his investments, he doubled his treasury reserves. They just hosted an event attended by over a thousand corporate companies, and I also think our nation states are now starting to look into what role Bitcoin could potentially play in the future.

Meltem Demirors: Institutional investors are leading the Bitcoin bull run!

Meltem Demirors emphasizes that this time institutional investors are leading the Bitcoin bull run, while individual investors are focusing on smaller cryptocurrencies. Meltem Demirors adds the following to her explanations on the subject:

The interest in Bitcoin comes from multiple institutions. Looking at the trends on the trading side on the structured artifact side, where we operate and manage $4 billion in assets for our clients, inflows come from institutions that invest through artifacts or funds traded on multiple public exchanges. There are individual subsidiaries, but not close to what we saw in 2017. Where we see individual participation is in things like Dogecoin (DOGE). In my view, what really drives Bitcoin is the fundamental shift in sentiment. Ray Dalio is talking about it, BlackRock is investing in him, Guggenheim is investing. All major separators now go in.

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