Mystery Trader: I Deposited Big Money! This Altcoin Rocked

Altcoin Psycho, a successful cryptocurrency trader and analyst, says he expects a tidal wave of capital to arrive in the altcoin market. In addition, the analyst emphasizes that an altcoin has rocketed.

Altcoin Psycho: This altcoin project is ready to surpass hundreds of cryptocurrencies

In the episode, the well-known trader known as Altcoin Psycho shares valuable altcoin claims with his 107,300 followers. Altcoin Psycho says other investors are unaware of the magnitude of the bull cycle on the horizon.

The veteran trader adds that the largest altcoin investment is in the decentralized cloud computing marketplace Akash Network (AKT). Because the analyst believes that the altcoin project is ready to surpass hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Altcoin Psycho adds:

My biggest altcoin holding, Akash Network! I mentioned several times that I invested in AKT. It is currently ranked 220. I believe he will be in the top 50.

Altcoin Psycho: Akash Network could increase 10x

Akash Network’s $121M valuation should increase 10x if it follows Altcoin Psycho’s scenario. Altcoin Psycho warns about greed, noting that altcoins are poised to reap enormous benefits. Altcoin Psycho adds:

My biggest regret in trading has never been about not betting more. These regrets pass quickly after the first injection. The remaining regrets are always about being too greedy/not taking profits.

Altcoin Psycho investors warn: You must take profits!

Renowned analyst Crypto Messiah recently said that many traders will see huge profits, avoid making profits and most of their interests will perish in the long run. Altcoin Psycho underlines its warning by referring to these statements by Crypto Messiah. Altcoin Psycho adds the following to his betting explanations:

I always say this to people and they look at me like crazy. Me and Crypto Messiah saw many of our friends experience this in 2017. Not so much this time. There are no comments about his program, but his thesis is correct. As we previously reported as , for other altcoin projects that analysts believe will explode, “ Master Trader Announces 5 Best Altcoins to Explode in February!” You can review our article .

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