A First in Turkey: A Construction Project is Sold with Bitcoin for the First Time!

Institutional interest in Bitcoin and altcoins is growing worldwide. Turkey is a country that has a valuable influence on the cryptocurrency market. According to research, Turkey is home to a large number of crypto money investors. Emel Akbaş, the founder of Projekspert Gayrimenkul, who defines cryptocurrencies as the trade tool of the future, announced their campaigns in which they sell real estate with Bitcoin as a first in Turkey.

Valuable development: A construction project is being sold for the first time with Bitcoin!

Projekspert Gayrimenkul founder Emel Akbaş announced that they have signed an element in Turkey. Emel Akbaş recently announced their campaigns for selling real estate with Bitcoin. Emel Akbaş, who stated that there was a revolution in all areas of life in a rapid digitalization with the pandemic, said:

We knew that crypto money would enter our lives more in the coming years. We foresee that all real estate sales will be made with this kind of currency over the years. For a while, we have been preparing various infrastructure works related to the subject and an online platform where real estate sales can be made with Bitcoin for a while. However, with the crypto money suddenly being on the agenda of the world, we delayed our plans. As of today, we are starting the sale of real estate with Bitcoin in our Flowers Park project, which was realized in Büyükçekmece – Mimaroba by 2D Istanbul İnşaat, which we are selling, as the first in Turkey. It will be possible to buy a brand new house with prices starting from 3 Bitcoins, with cryptocurrencies, the usage area of ​​which has become widespread in recent years from tourism to food, from weaving to education. We are one of the leading real estate offices that provide the opportunity to pay our service fee in crypto money in other real estate processes that we consult.

Emel Akbaş

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