Breaking News: Bitcoin Signal From JPMorgan

Wall Street giants are facing increasing pressure from their own staff to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal asset class, CNBC reported on Friday. Co-leader Daniel Pinto, who attended a Zoom conversation with thousands of JPMorgan Chase traders in January; He said he has an open mind on cryptocurrency.

Pinto used these terms when responding to global markets leader Troy Rohrbaugh. Pinto also acknowledged that the bank is starting to ask more and more when its own employees will get involved in the cryptocurrency.

Pinto reiterated in his comments later that this decision will be based on demand from customers. “The request hasn’t come now, but I’m sure it will at some point,”

told CNBC.

According to CNBC, this news came quickly after Goldman Sachs hosted a private forum on February 2 where Mike Novogratz and institutional crypto investment firm founder Galaxy Digital discussed Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. .

JPMorgan is widely viewed by crypto enthusiasts as one of the most skeptical of crypto amid mainstream financial firms. In the midst of this is CEO Jamie Dimon labeling Bitcoin a “fraud” in 2017.

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