Ethereum Funds See $11 Million Exit

According to CoinShares data, Ethereum funds saw an outflow of 11.6 million dollars last week.

Algorand funds, on the other hand, saw a record inflow of $20 million.

In general, digital asset investment works received an investment of $87 million, the majority of which was Bitcoin with $69 million. Last week, crypto funds saw an outflow of 141 million dollars.

North America took the lead with $72 million in crypto inflows last week. Europe followed with 15.5 million dollars.

The 3rd most entered digital asset was Solana. Tron and Polkadot were behind Solana.

Due to the recent market correction, assets under management hit a one-year low.

According to the data of CoinMarketCap, the crypto money market is currently worth 1.31 trillion dollars.

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