Hot development: Binance lists this altcoin! Price made 950 percent

Leading bitcoin and altcoin exchange Binance announced that it has listed altcoin project UniLend (UFT). The cryptocurrency surged with the announcement, gaining 170 percent daily. The price of the altcoin is up more than 950% monthly.

Binance Lists UniLend (UFT)! The price exceeded 950 percent

Giant bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Binance listed altcoin project UniLend (UFT) on its platform at 12:00 today. The cryptocurrency’s price surged after Binance’s announcement, knocking out ATH at $4.47. UniLend surged from $1.65 to $4.47 on the day, up 170 percent. UniLend (UFT), on the other hand, is up 200% on a weekly basis and is up more than 950% on a monthly basis. Binance issued the following statement on its official website:

Binance will list UniLend (UFT) in the innovation zone and open trading for the UFT/ETH and UFT/BUSD trading pairs on 02/23/2022. Users can now start depositing UFTs on the exchange to prepare for trading. The Innovation Zone is a special trading zone where users can buy and sell new, innovative tokens that are likely to have higher volatility and risk than other tokens. Before trading in the Innovation Zone, all users are required to visit the web version of the Innovation Zone trading site to read the Binance Terms of Service carefully and fill out a questionnaire as part of the first disclaimer. Please note that there are no random trading restrictions on trading pairs in the innovation zone. UFT is a relatively new token with a higher risk than usual and will therefore likely experience high price volatility. Before trading please ensure that you practice proper risk management, have done your own research on the fundamentals of UFT and fully understand the project. UFT list price: 0 BNB.

Altcoin Project What is UniLend (UFT)?

UniLend is a permissionless DeFi protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and services via smart contracts. UniLend allows simultaneous use of a random ERC-20 token as collateral for lending and borrowing, allowing users to trade their assets within the platform. By providing liquidity, users can earn prizes in proportion to their liquidity pool shares.

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