Blockchain Step by Istanbul Municipality

From time to time we witness the steps of blockchain in our country. The latest attack came from the Istanbul Municipality.

Blockchain Attack

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSKİ and İGDAŞ made a valuable step today. According to the statement, the Istanbul Municipality is shifting the processes of opening and closing subscriptions to the blockchain. In addition, the name of the municipality is not limited to just that. İSMEK will also issue its certificates on the blockchain with the prestige next May.

IMM Information Process Department Leader Erol Özgüner, who made statements about the bet, explained the details of the problem as follows.

“As IMM, our starting point initially started with İSMEKs. İSMEKs are our vocational training courses. Certificates are lost. After that it’s hard to find. One of the main problems that probably everyone faces today is the loss of a diploma. We thought that we should certify the certificates of our İSMEK graduates on the blockchain.”

Another Valuable Breakthrough

Özgüner emphasized that in addition to his statements, the opening – and closing processes of subscriptions in İSKİ and İGDAŞ are transferred to blockchain. This step saves time.

Özgüner finally made the following emphasis:

“Probably all our tests at İSKİ and İGDAŞ will be completed in March. There, the processes for opening and closing subscriptions will again run on this blockchain infrastructure. This saves our citizens a lot of time. We believe that this step will satisfy us.”

Blockchain actually offers us many uses. We believe usage will continue to increase with the new steps.

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