Coinbase Custody Listed Altcoin Is Gaining Momentum!

Coinbase announced yesterday that its custodian, Coinbase Custody, is supporting a new altcoin. The exchange’s announcement included the following words:

“Coinbase Cusdoty now supports deposit and withdrawal processes for Request Network (REQ) on Coinbase Custody is a different legal entity and assets eligible for custody are different from assets eligible for trading on other Coinbase platforms.” /CoinbaseInsto/status/1363935352482856967

Acknowledged altcoin request (REQ) price increases passed

The Request (REQ) token that publishes ensures the performance and stability of the request network. The network is an Ethereum-based decentralized payment system where anyone can request payments and receive funds in a faithful manner. Eliminates the need for third parties to provide a cheaper, more reliable payment solution that works with all global currencies.

When a user creates a payment request, he defines which address the payment should be associated with and what the price is. The user can also set the payment terms by turning a simple request into an invoice. After this process is completed, the user can share the payment request through the other party.

Each step is documented and stored in the requirements network. It allows everyone involved to easily keep track of all their bills and payments. The network is also integrated with articles from around the world.

Following the announcement of Coinbase Custody’s anchor, the network’s REQ token gained momentum. Today, while many cryptocurrencies are falling in the market, REQ is up 20%. The altcoin, which was in the works from $0.070, rose to around $0.109 on the day. At the time of writing, it has dropped to 0.09.

Altcoin price is up 198% in the last 1 month. In the last year it has increased by 529%.

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