Commenting on the recent crash, Tom Lee pointed out these levels in Bitcoin!

Tom Lee, one of Wall Street’s famous analysts, returns to the markets. Tom Lee reveals his new predictions amid market crash. Unable to deter recent Bitcoin sales, the prolific analyst set a Bitcoin target of $100,000.

Tom Lee: The corrections are healthy! Bitcoin Price Hits $100,000

Wall Street analyst Tom Lee analyzes the markets after the recent drop. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee sets a massive BTC target and points to prices of $100,000. Bitcoin is currently down more than 20 percent over the past two days, posting its biggest losing streak since early January. BTC slipped from $58,000 to below $45,000 in a short span of time.

At press time, bitcoin price is quickly trading above the $50,500 level. Tom Lee says corrections of up to 50 percent are a module of Bitcoin’s “DNA and history.” The analyst argues that these corrections do not affect the fair price of the presidential cryptocurrency. As we previously reported as , the famous Wall Street analyst has been suggesting for the past few months that BTC will hit $90,000 by December 2021.

Tom Lee knew the V-shaped flourish on stocks! Will BTC serve its purpose?

It should be noted that Tom Lee is one of the few pundits to accurately predict US stocks will bounce off the March lows. This V-shaped improvement in stocks caught almost everyone by surprise, but predictive bitcoin bull Tom Lee correctly predicted it. Whether the analyst, who has failed on many of the previous BTC claims, will realize the $100,000 BTC target is questionable…

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