Famous Merchant: Don’t miss the train! This altcoin will be the smoothest of the year

Crypto trader and YouTuber Ben Armstrong details an altcoin project he says will disrupt the gaming industry and make it the most profitable cryptocurrency of the year.

Ben Armstrong: Altcoin project Phantasma will be the best of the year!

In his new analysis, Ben Armstrong shared with his 561,000 YouTube subscribers that he is watching Phantasma, a fast, reliable, and scalable blockchain solution for games, non-negotiable tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications. Ben Armstrong adds:

Blockchain is powered by a dual token structure. The SOUL administration token and the KCAL power token ensure interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized administration system. Phantasma amplifies the three-chain connection between Phantasma and Neo and Phantasma and Ethereum, although the mid-chain connection between Neo and Ethereum is not fully possible now. Phantasma enables Smart NFTs, Infused NFTs, Multi-Layer NFTs with very cheap cryptocurrency.

Famous Trader: Phantasma Uses Smart NFTs

Crypto Influencer, Phantasmas 22 Racing Series by GOATi Entertainment He explains that he is Smart uses NFTs to perform new functions in video games, such as Ben Armstrong adds:

Intelligent NFTs build on unique use cases of digital, non-fungible tokens and take things to the next level by adding time-based access capabilities add and enrich NFTs with other assets. At online gaming conference PAX last year, GOATi Entertainment released the world’s first time-based NFT in RTS racing games… NFT gave attendees a quick breather as the game was in beta… 22 Racing Series isn’t just one another NFT game. The game is available on the well-known gaming platforms Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. The 22 Racing Series allows users to buy and trade vehicles or create assets for sale or licensing, while non-fungible tokens give you ownership control and flexibility. The cars themselves are actually a combination of these multi-layered intelligent NFTs of 25 or more individual NFTs to create an in-game hypercar. This takes the infusion or fusion of NFTs to a whole new level to create CryptoKitties. For those who don’t get the concept, it basically consists of combining NFTs to create cars that you can race later in the game.

. Start using NFTs He emphasizes that . Ben Armstrong adds:

Imagine if Fortnite or any of the other popular games implemented NFTs for users. Such a system can be huge and Phantasma is the ultimate platform to really make it happen.

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