Got more than 7 predictions! Analyst: These 2 altcoins will explode to reach these levels

Crypto analyst Smart Contracter with winning claims believes crypto markets may be poised for a trend reversal. The analyst shares bitcoin and altcoin claims that will be widely talked about.

Smart Contracter: Bitcoin price makes a new ATH with $60,000!

Veteran analyst Smart Contracter explains his new predictions and states that the bottom level has been seen in Bitcoin. The analyst emphasizes that their markets may now be ready for a comeback. According to the analyst, BTC price will hit a new all-time high at $60,000. Smart Contracter adds:

Funding is finally negative, lows broken, purchases falling.

Source: Smart Contracter/Twitter

Master Analyst: FTT will be one of the strongest and will be the first to recover! Above $40

The veteran analyst says he keeps a close eye on crypto derivatives trading platform FTX Exchange’s local asset, the FTX Token (FTT). The analyst expects the altcoin to recover faster and harder than others. Smart Contracter adds:

As it has been for months, the FTT will be one of the strongest and one of the first to recover. Clean ABC build, 20% down and already bouncing off the lows…

Source: Smart Contracter/Twitter

Smart Contracter: This altcoin project is growing by over 100 percent rise !

Smart Contracter uses the “Elliott Wave” theory, an analytical technique that attempts to confirm price movements by identifying market sensitivity that occurs in repetitive waves. According to the trader analysis, he believes the FTT will start fresh pressure above its all-time high of $40 once the correction in the crypto markets is over.

Source: Smart Contracter/Twitter

Additionally, the analyst is looking at scalable smart contract platform TomoChain (TOMO), which he says has the potential to increase its price against Bitcoin to double the coming weeks. Smart Contracter adds:

TOMO is now officially my largest altcoin wallet. Textbook IHS (invese head and shoulders) 5 floating tops on BTC pair and ABC falling to 0.618. Also, overall volume is EXACTLY what we want to see in an IHS, we expect it to be over 100% from here on out.

. considers reputation growth as a barometer of investor risk appetite. Smart Contracter adds to his comments on the bet:

Strong buyback on stocks, big SR change, lots of volume, nice daily hammer formation… If stocks turn north again here, I think it will most likely save crypto will good.

Here are the successful assumptions of Smart Contracter

. for the great bitcoin crash of 2020 and beyond. In addition, for the past few months, the analyst has also predicted the truth of the short-term price movements.

Smart Contracter recently stated that Bitcoin will find its accumulation range and force a general altcoin market correction if truth returns to $23,000. The master analyst was also correct with this forecast and predicted the altcoin bleeding. With the statement that he expects an altcoin meltdown in the second week of February, the analyst was also correct with this assumption. Because of this, investors closely monitor the analyst’s assumptions.

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