Huge Bitcoin Whales Mobilize $1.9 Billion! Here are the details of the processes

Crypto whale activity has skyrocketed over the past 24 hours as deep-pocketed investors moved $2 billion into Bitcoin (BTC). Twitter bot Whale Alert, which does not monitor the distributed ledger, reported that dozens of huge BTC transactions have taken place over the past day.

One of the largest lawsuits involved a whale transporting 7,731 BTC from one unknown wallet to another unknown wallet at a cost of $414.75 million.

Another process, 5,000 BTC worth 276.11 million Dollar, shows an unknown address being transferred from a wallet to crypto exchange Bitstamp, where it may be sold on the open market.

Another bitcoin investor, $160.12 million in the Middle of two wallets of unknown origin. It carried a value of 2,941 BTC. 12.5 BTC transferred in the last 24 hours. Nine processes moved BTC from crypto exchanges to unknown wallets. Four processes moved BTC between crypto exchanges, while all three processes transferred BTC from unknown wallets to crypto exchanges where they could be traded on the open market.

Two companies moved their BTCs between wallets of unknown origin. Additionally, a whale transferred BTC from a crypto storage platform to a crypto exchange. Another whale moved BTC from its custody platform to an undisclosed wallet.

Here are the huge bitcoin transactions

Here are the biggest BTC transactions that have taken place:

  • Charged by unknown wallet sent to Coinbase from $20.5 million 389 BTC
  • 499 BTC worth $26.7 million sent from Coinbase to unknown wallets
  • 499 BTC from Coinbase to unknown wallets
  • 2,214 BTC sent from Coinbase was sent from Coinbase at a cost of $118.6 million
  • 499 BTC worth $26.7 million was sent from Coinbase to unknown wallets
  • Sent from Coinbase to unknown wallets at a cost of $22.5 million 423 BTC
  • 2,864 BTC worth $156.3 million from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
  • 384 B TC sent by Huobi to Coinbase for $20.8 million
  • Huobi Global sent to Coinbase 21 391 BTC worth $0.4 million
  • 500 BTC from unknown wallet worth 27, $1 million sent to Coinbase
  • 501 BTC sent from Coinbase worth $27.3 million to unknown wallet
  • 407 BTC sent from Bitfinex for $22.1 million
  • 2,000 BTC from Xapo to Binance for $106.8 million
  • Sent from Xapo to unknown wallets 639 BTC worth $34.2 million
  • 771 BTC sent from Coinbase to an issue of $41.2 million
  • 2,001 BTC from Coinbase for $106 million
  • 828 BTC from Binance to Coinbase for $44 million
  • 502 BTC for 25, $6M from unknown wallet to Bitbank
  • 161.5M ion $ from unknown wallet to unknown wallet bed 2,900 BTC in hand
  • 629 BTC sent from Binance to Coinbase at a cost of $35.3 million.

The surge in whale activity came amid the largest cryptocurrency’s plunge to $45,000, its seven-day low. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $48,893.

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