Bill Gates bitcoin criticism: Bad for our planet!

During an interview with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin in Clubhouse, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates criticized Bitcoin (BTC) for using too much power, arguing that it uses more power than “any other method known to man.” .

“Bitcoin consumes more electricity per process than any other method known to man.”

But he said he would have no problem with Bitcoin (BTC) if it were based on green electricity:

“If it’s green power and you don’t leave other uses behind, it’s probably fine. Even if you call me a bitcoin skeptic, I don’t even find this topic very relevant.” As we reported as , Gates reiterated that he is now not into the bitcoin (BTC) field, although he recently issued a statement:

“I did not choose to invest in Bitcoin. I buy malaria vaccines. I buy measles vaccine. I invest in companies that produce works.”

The Microsoft founder nonetheless mentioned that he appreciates those who make fortunes from BTC. The Gates Foundation is currently developing its own digital currency with “very low” process prices.

Ripple CEO: Bitcoin mining is a huge waste

Because big companies like Tesla and Square are adding Bitcoin (BTC) to their balance sheets; They’re facing growing criticism from those who fret about the cryptocurrency’s carbon footprint.

In March, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse described mining as “a huge waste.” He urged public companies to use “more energy efficient” equipment in October.

It has since softened its pronunciation on proof-of-work (PoW) currencies. In his most recent tweet, he encouraged his followers to get involved in sustainable mining:

“The Biden administration has clear priorities — they talk about climate change every day. Rather than discussing exactly how much power mining consumes, let’s focus on making this segment a leader in sustainability.”

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