Cardano (ADA) confirms March 1st for a new update: here are the details

The latest official announcement from Cardano (ADA) developers from IOHK has cleared all doubts. The Mary hard fork will bring native token and multi-asset backing to the blockchain on March 1, 2021. As we reported on , Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson previously said that they expect the hard fork to happen on March 1st. However, no official announcement was made.

According to the latest IOHK Twitter post, the group has confirmed March 1st as the activation date for the March hard fork mainnet. The network update will go live in epoch 251 on March 2nd at 00:44:51 Turkish time.

Chain on Cardano (ADA) as the update will be activated On Hardfork Combinator split is not expected. Previously, Mary was deployed to the public testnet. It has been running in a test environment for three weeks.

Mary update introduces native Cardano (ADA) based tokens. A number of ADA staking operators have conducted various tests using local ADA tokens.

With the token builder feature expected to come with the Mary update, anyone will be able to launch their own Cardano-based asset. Thus, the most famous “Ethereum killer” will be able to become a very wealthy network.

New Yoroi wallet ready to support Cardano update

The developers of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem have put a lot of effort into building the infrastructure for the upcoming update concentrated. The Deadalus Flight wallet version supporting all Mary features was released on February 13, 2021. Now the Yoroi extension for storing and sending ADA and Cardano based assets is due for an update.

Emurgo developers provide Yoroi users with version 4.3 both software hardware also claims that they can send old and new tokens from their wallets. Therefore, the v4.3 instruments will be activated as soon as the March hard fork is activated.

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