Huge BTC & XRP Claim From Analyst Who Knows Bitcoin’s Every Move: These Levels Make Sense!

Master analyst Peter Brandt, who knows every step of Bitcoin (BTC), maps the key price levels for the leading cryptocurrency. In addition, the famous analyst also shares the Ripple conjecture.

Peter Brandt: $41,986 is a logical point to buy Bitcoin…

Prolific analyst Peter Brandt has valuable levels for Bitcoin based on the depth of correction from the previous bull market identified . Peter Brandt said of the bet:

A 10% correction was achieved. That might be all we get. A 20% correction would be $46,693. A 30% correction would be $40,856. A 35% correction (30% + correction on average in trend 2015-17) would be $37,938. $41,986 is a logical point to buy BTC…

Peter Brandt: The recent drop is enough to bring the market back to health

According to Peter Brandt falling Bitcoin down A down $47,000 on Monday bodes well for bull market sustainability. Peter Brandt said:

This might be enough to bring the market back to health. This is called getting rid of late FOMO buyers.

Source: Peter Brandt/Twitter

Peter Brandt: These signaled a correction in Bitcoin

Peter Brandt was one of the market participants before Recently he adds that the very high level he has experienced suggests that regression is on the horizon. Peter Brandt said:

I’ve been looking for a hint that it’s time for a more meaningful correction in BTC. The compelling evidence was Bitcoin’s eyes. Unbridled enthusiasm is always dangerous and often quite prescient.

Source: Peter Brandt/Twitter

Peter Brandt: While XRP is forming a bottom pattern, things may look different for some investors

As for XRP, Peter Brandt continues to distance himself from cryptocurrencies, which he believes will be “annoying”. Experienced trader believes altcoin is a security. However, the analyst says that while XRP is forming a bottom pattern, it may be different for some investors. Peter Brandt said:

I do not trade OTC securities. If I traded these types of securities, XRP would be attractive. Reverse H&S depending on the completion of the model. XRP is a security issued by Ripple Labs.

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