Turkey analysis by Bloomberg: “Erdogan only has one rival”

Turkey analysis by Bloomberg: “Erdogan only has one rival”

Bloomberg, one of the leading media organizations in the US, has prepared a comprehensive news story about the economic crisis in Turkey and the elections scheduled for next year. The statements “Erdogan only has one rival” caused a stir in the news.

Ahead of the economic crisis in Turkey and the elections planned for next year, the US media company Bloomberg has prepared a comprehensive analysis.

While noting that the opposition has still not identified a clear opponent, the article recalled that “the coalition formed by the opposition, also known as the Table of Six, which wants to return to the parliamentary system, has has not yet fielded a candidate against Erdoğan, who took full power in 2018.”

While noting that rising inflation with the decisions taken by Erdoğan is the most pressing threat to Erdoğan’s 20-year rule, noted that support for the AKP and Erdoğan had declined in recent polls.

While recalling that prices have risen around the world due to the coronavirus and there are problems in the supply chain, it was also noted that the reason for the inflation problem in Turkey is the intervention of President Erdogan in the central bank ments and its decisions on interest. “Typically when inflation becomes a problem for an economy, the central bank raises interest rates and tries to lower prices. But Turkey has done the opposite,” it said. The article pointed out that inflation in Turkey hit 70 percent in April, the highest level since Erdogan’s election victory 20 years earlier.


He points out that Erdoğan is pursuing a growth model based on construction and real estate Sector and uses cheap money, Erdoğan said: It is not a signal to stop thinking in all the economic books you have read that high interest rates cause high inflation. The opposition parties also pledge to ensure the credibility and independence of the central bank when it takes office. They can do this if they don’t go to jail,” it said.

While noting the possibility of sending İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu to jail, Kaftancıoğlu was also imposed on Canan Penalty reminded


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