Whale Trading List Released: There Are These 16 Altcoins!

Whales, the largest investors with the amount of altcoins in their portfolio, continue to make transactions in various cryptocurrencies. In this article, we feature the altcoins that whales trade the most, according to their trading volume…

What were the top 10 most traded altcoins?

According to Whale Stats, which provides on-chain data, the largest Ethereum wallets have bought and sold the most stablecoins over the past day. As we reported at Kriptokoin.com , stablecoins are coins based on a specific asset and pegged at a 1:1 ratio. Whales bought and sold $190,000 USD Coin (USDC) while $106,000 Tether (USDT) transactions were made. Whales also traded WOO, PAXG and Ethereum (ETH) averaging around $5,000.

, followed primarily by altcoins for decentralized finance, play-to-earn and metaverse areas such as AAVE, UTK, GHST, SNX and GALA. operation is observed. Whale Stats also shared the small altcoins whales trade the most. Small-cap altcoins are coins with small market caps compared to their larger counterparts. There is information that the market value of small altcoins is usually in the range of $5-15 million. With a market cap of over $500 million, cryptos are widely distributed and marketed, earning the Big Coins label.

With the question of which coins are considered large and which are considered small, we can return to the Whale Stats data. According to the data, large investors traded PAR, DG, gOHM, bb-a-USD, USTC and yvBOOST.

What is the current market situation?

After the end of March, Bitcoin surged more than $10,000 in just 14 days. The asset then started making the longest reversal in terms of weekly candles. In early May, Bitcoin hit the record of 6 consecutive red candles before being broken, posting its 9th spot last week. During that period, the asset lost nearly $20,000 in value, falling to its lowest level in a year and a half.

Meanwhile, altcoins have recently emulated the performance of BTC and Ethereum fell from $2,000 to just under $1,800. As of now, the second largest crypto has converged on second after a small daily increase. BNB is in a similar position to yesterday, near $300. Cardano, Ripple, and TRON are posting insignificant daily gains, while Dogecoin, Polkadot, and Shiba Inu are trading with minor losses. The crypto market cap has remained fairly quiet at just over $1.2 trillion.

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