XRP Ledger delivers a huge boost in efficiency with the release of a new version

The latest version of XRP Ledger reduces memory usage by 50 percent. RippleX announced the release of version 1.7 of XRP Ledger in a February 24 blog post.

The new application ensures a significant increase in the efficiency of the software. In addition, it makes the network more trustworthy and decentralized.

The latest version reduces memory usage by 50 percent, in part due to a series of smoothing credits to Ripple CTO David Schwartz. First, Schwartz conducted a test for the new version in December. He also explained his findings on Twitter:

Now that this 1.7 version is released, Schwartz says the entire ecosystem will benefit:

As a result, v1.7 takes advantage of the available system of smoother resources . By increasing efficiency, the entire XRPL ecosystem benefits. It can also run the software more easily to build directly on top of the ledger.

“Growing” List of XRP Validators

XRPLF Spokesman Bharath Chari Says Foundation Will Focus on XRP Ledger Development:

On Storage Usage Improvements Today Improvements are invaluable to Ledger’s growth and innovation. We look forward to supporting the broader ecosystem, including full code development by the RippleX group.

Amidst future attempts is the creation of a “growing list” of validating nodes.

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