Animoca Brands’ investment portfolio is now worth over $1.5 billion

Animoca Brands’ investment portfolio is now worth over $1.5 billion

Hong Kong resident token investor in NFT and Metaverse Projects Animoca Brands portfolio investments totaled more than $1.5 billion across more than 340 investments at the end of April, according to unaudited results the company released Monday. On

  • Bookings and other revenues were $148 million for the fourth quarter of last year and the first four months of 2022 to 573 million US dollars. Transactions include token and NFT sales and other non-blockchain revenue. The Other Income portion includes gains and losses on investments and holdings of digital assets.
  • Cash on hand at the end of April was $98 million and digital asset holdings were $211 million. The digital assets included USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH and BTC, the company said. Other holdings of digital assets, including third-party tokens, totaled $659 million.
  • Reserves of digital assets totaled $4.2 billion and included Animoca Brands tokens SAND, QUIDD, PRIMATE, REVV, TOWER, and GMEE, among others.
  • Animoca’s key businesses include The Sandbox, GAMEE, nWay, Blowfish Studios, Grease Monkey Games and blockchain service revenue from portfolio investments and partnerships.
  • Earlier this year, Animoca Brands raised nearly $360 million in a funding round valued at $5.5 billion, doubling its value in just three months. The Festival for the Decentralized World June 2022
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