The new Aktif Bank contact point in Decentrland

The new Aktif Bank contact point in Decentrland

Aktif Bank has launched a new contact area for their customers in Decentraland. The popular bank, which wants to establish a new communication channel in the Metaverse, has broken new ground with the construction of a building.

Thanks to its building in Decentraland, Aktif Bank can meet and communicate with visitors throughout the day. By adding the Aktif Bank Metaverse Agent to the building, the bank can inform their customers in this way. All users can reach this building at coordinates 65,-127 via Decentraland weekdays between 09:00 and 18:00.

Gamze Numanoğlu, President of Aktif Bank’s Customer Experience and Communications Group, made the following statements:

As Aktif Bank, we started , to take action quickly Metaverse, which will expand its position during this period in parallel with the pace of development of this phase, became the first Turkish bank to take its place in Decentraland and implement projects. Our main goal is; To be present wherever we can touch our customers and create better and new experiences. Serving precisely this purpose, today at Metaverse we are creating a new contact surface between our customers and our brand. In order to provide the most effective customer experience in the current conditions in this universe, we are breaking new ground by taking a landmark step for our industry. As well as opening an Aktif Bank building in Decentraland, we have also positioned an Aktif Bank Metaverse Agent there to communicate with and inform our customers. In the coming days we will continue to work on increasing the contact possibilities in our building and on ensuring that our building is used more effectively. In addition, we continue to leverage the advantage our ecosystem offers to our customers and will be building an innovative and pioneering events project in Metaverse in the near future with our 9 million user ticketing brand Passo.”

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