It costs $100,000 to fully upgrade your items in Diablo Immortal!

None of us are familiar with the micro payment system that has quickly invaded our lives. This system, which has caused headaches, especially when it comes to mobile games, has been stuffed down our throats, so to speak, in recent years. Diablo Immortal, which Blizzard has been working on for a long time and which was officially released recently, made a head-scratching discovery.

As you know, Diablo Immortal also includes micropayments. Although the game is free (F2P), players who want to upgrade their items have to pay for it. YouTube’s Bellular Games team discovered that players had to spend a full $100,000 to upgrade all of their items.

The reason why the game has become pay-to-win is because of the items called “Legendary gem”. . The levels of these items, which we know from Diablo 3, are determined by the stars in Immortal. To get this item you have to drop it from the special equipment called “Crest”. Studies show that F2P players can drop 2 or 3 Legendary Emblems per month. This allows them to enter rifts (dungeons) where you can drop gems three times.

To get the above items faster, you can purchase the $100 pack of 45 Legendary Crests. But remember that the number of legendary gems that fall from these rifts is completely random. In other words, there’s a chance you won’t be able to drop a 5-star gem in 45 out of 45 cracks.

According to the total calculation, it takes 1,000 gems to upgrade your character’s items to the final level. That means you need to buy around 20,000 crests. The total cost of these crests is $50,000. Of course, the process doesn’t end here…

If you want to take your gems to the next level, which includes cosmetic changes and unlocking new features of the gems, you’ll need to spend another $50,000 on this. If you don’t want to spend money, it can take up to 10 years to collect the required items…

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