Marvel’s I Am Groot Series Reaches Release Date

Marvel’s I Am Groot Series Reaches Release Date

Before Baby Yoda came along, Groot was Disney’s most popular baby character. With Guardians of the Galaxy 2, our little Groot, one of everyone’s favorites between the ages of seven and seventy, prepares to grow up before our very eyes. Together with the new Disney+ animated series I Am Groot, we will take a journey into Groot’s youth in short episodes. Marvel shared the first official poster of the series and didn’t fail to take Groot on vacation. Disney+ also announced the series’ release date. I Am Groot will air on August 10th.

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Looking at the poster, Star-Lord’s magnificent cassette player draws attention. We’ll likely see many Guardians of the Galaxy members in the series. Groot’s entertaining moments promise a lot of potential, especially with Rocket, which has great momentum. James Gunn, with whom the MCU went through a difficult time but with whom he has reconciled, will serve as producer on this series.

Groot is voiced by Vin Diesel, as always With its short episodes and entertaining structure, I Am Groot felt like a series you watch over dinner. I hope we see James Gunn’s influence a lot in this series.

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