Private college fees increased to 170,000 TL

Parents who want to send their children to foreign private grammar schools pay the inflation-related increased school fees in 5-10 installments by opening a credit account.

With the administration of the LGS exam, students and parents switched to school research. After the LGS exam, which took place on Sunday, June 5 and in which 1 million 236 thousand students took part, parents began to research the prices of private schools. Parents were observed to gravitate towards overseas private schools for better education and opportunities, but rising inflation also impacted private school prices. It has been heard that in most of these schools additional items such as books, meals and services are not included in the fees. 2 percent default interest in the event of default of 10 installments. As it turned out, parents who use the installment option and want to open a credit account also pay 2 percent default interest in the event of default.

Prices of foreign private high schools:

French High School Saint Joseph

School year fee 2021-2022: 86,000 920 lire
School year fee 148 Lira
Quote 2022: 192

German private school Istanbul

Study fee 2021-2022: 84,000 lire
2022 – study fee 2023: 126,000 Lira
quote 202: )

French high school Saint Michel

Study fee 2021-2022: 86,688 Lira
2022-2023 school year fee: 118,000 502 Lira

Istanbul Private Notre Dame de Sion French High School

2021- Fee for the 2022 academic year: 74,000 544 lire
Fee for the 2022-2023 academic year: 169,000 770 lire

2022 annual quota: 140

Italian Gymnasium Galileo Galilei

School year fee 2021-2022: 54,500 lire
Academic year fee 2022-2023: 97,520 lire
2022 contingent: 68

Saint George (980706) Austrian Gymnasium (980706) Fee for the 2021-2022 school year: 77 thousand lira
Fee for the 2022-2023 school year: 105 thousand lira

St Georg Austrian High School: 80
Sankt Georg Austrian Commercial High School: 180

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