SHIB announces 2 bombshell messages: Paris Hilton is coming!

SHIB announces 2 bombshell messages: Paris Hilton is coming!

Paris Hilton, who recently started investing in cryptocurrency and NFT, recently reinforced the announcement that she has started showing interest in the metaverse of the second most popular meme coin, Shiba Inu (SHIB). All of this news was triggered by a tweet from Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton tweets about SHIB

Marcie Jastrow, a former Technicolor executive who recently joined the Shiba Inu team to work on the Metaverse, spoke briefly . He recently posted a crypto-related tweet. Jastrow mentioned 11:11 in his reply and thanked the SHIB Army for their support. However, Hilton later shared the same number on his Twitter account at 11:11 a.m. Additionally, the famous media personality urged his followers to “make a wish.” This tweet caused the SHIB army to think deeply and make accusations. Twitter GossipShib, one of its users, drew attention to this detail and hinted that Paris Hilton could actually be linked to Shiba Inu’s project leader, Shytoshi Kusama. 11:11 means something unrelated to crypto and specifically the Shiba Inu. However, the truth is that Hilton has become interested in the cryptocurrency space in recent years.

Paris Hilton Cryptocurrency Market

Paris Hilton has been investing in the two major digital currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2016. He also launched his own NFT in 2019 and sold it to donate to a charity. He then created a new NFT collection with designer Blake Kathryn in April 2021. The collection consisted of three NFTs that sold together for $220,000. Additionally, in an interview in early 2021, Hilton stated that he was “very, very excited” about Bitcoin.

ShibaSwap has a yield farming feature

As reported by , Shiba’s team is planning Inu (SHIB). to develop the yield farming feature on ShibaSwap. The development was announced via a community forum created by the Meme Coin team on the Discord channel. According to a team member, the team has created a new feedback forum on Discord. It also asked the community to submit suggestions that will determine if the project will introduce new features in the already ongoing yield farming. Yield farming offerings have already begun and will continue through June 9, according to a joint post.

If the initiative is implemented, there will be countless new opportunities for the Shiba Inu community to generate passive income. This is because yield farming allows users to earn rewards through decentralized finance (DeFi). The feature allows members of the SHIB army to borrow and spend tokens. The community also has the opportunity to win prizes in this way.

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