How to make money in little alchemy

How to make money in little alchemy

Did you get stuck in Little Alchemy?   Or maybe you’re just looking around to see what else you can find the game?  Whatever your motivation, you can get Little Alchemy here!  Go ahead and try out some random clues!  Little Alchemy is a game of trial and error.   Start with 4 base items and mix and match for hundreds of unique items. 

How to make money in Little Alchemy?

Watch the complete Little 2 walkthrough to learn how to anything craft in Little Alchemy and get all 720 items. Little Alchemy 2 is a game where you combine items to create new items. You start with the basic elements fire, water, and earth and build up to more complex elements up to life, time, and the unicorn. This is a Little Alchemy Cheats guide on how to make money in Little Alchemy. Here are all the steps to make money with four basics. You don’t have to scroll or click on other sites to get what you want.

Walkthrough for money in Little Alchemy

earth + water = mud

earth + fire = lava

air + fire = energy

air + water = rain

fire + water = steam

air + air = pressure

earth + rain = plant

air + steam = cloud

air + lava = stone

air + cloud = sky

fire + stone = metal

air + stone = sand

fire + sky = Sun

fire + sand = glass

mud + plant = swamp

energy + swamp = life

earth + life = human

metal + Sun = gold

glass + sand = time

human + metal = tool

plant + time = tree

tool + tree = wood

pressure + wood = paper

gold + paper = money

What can you make with money in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create

house bank

leather wallet

metal safe

pig piggy bank

steel safe

How to Make Money in Little Alchemy 2? | Step by Step Guide!

Steps to make money in Little Alchemy 2: Before we tell you about the steps, we want to tell you something about how to make money. To make money, we must first make everything, make paper and gold. Then we’ll end up mixing gold with paper to make money.

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