Dry Erase Wooden Cards Tokens 1 Inch Counters Reusable – Pack of 20

Price: $15.99
(as of Feb 17,2023 22:43:08 UTC – Details)

A 20 Piece set of Quality Dry Erase Blank Wooden game tokens, perfect for your custom board game projects. These 1 inch dry erase game tokens are the perfect game accessory for your next tabletop adventure. The tokens are customizable and reusable for trading and collectible token games. These are 1-sided tiles to prevent smudging ink on your board. Carry thousands of options in one small handful of tokens!

Each token fits well on a Dungeons and Dragons Battle Mat, handy for marking traps, treasure, obstacles, or terrain. These are ideal as substitute miniatures or status tokens. Players can mark the counters with a dry-erase or wet-erase pen (whiteboard marker) with words or symbols relating to the game being played.

Tips: To prevent staining, try not to leave marker sitting on the cards for more than a few hours. Some markers can occasionally leave a mark. To remove stains, a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol does the trick. Keep rubbing alcohol away from the edges.
Pack of 20 DIY Board Game Markers, Chits, or Tiles
1 Inch Circles
Fits perfectly on a D&D Battle Mat

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