Adigma Board Game (Spanish Edition) – Solve Fast & Funny Brain Challenges | Ages 14+ | for 2 to 10 Players

Price: $49.00
(as of Feb 18,2023 22:48:29 UTC – Details)

Adigma is a fun board game in spanish that brings family and friends together to challenge their mind and intuition. Everyone will use multiple skills in a few seconds! Identify the photograph, decipher the secret message, correct the comic sequence, spot the differences, discover the riddle and 29 other dynamic sections. Everyone, at the same time, tries to solve the same challenges to get points. Adigma has a path that you form yourself with the surprise tiles, which you can uncover as you spend your points. Get to the last tile, uncover it and trust that the last surprise will allow you to win! Includes: 384 cards with 3840 challenges, 30 surprise tiles, sand timer, 5 plastic envelopes, 5 Monadigmas, 37 Adigma tokens, 5 blocks, 5 pencils and game rules. For 2 to 10 Players. Playing by teams is more fun! Ages: 14 years and up. Average play time: 60 minutes.
SPANISH edition: Board game for 2 to 5 players or teams. Ages 14 to adults.
VARIETY: Adigma includes 3840 brain and intuition challenges: Macro photos to guess, word challenges, secret messages, labyrinths, spot the difference, riddles and more.
IT’S A RACE!: All players simultaneously solve five mind challenges and questions writing down their answers; the Bank pays point tokens to the players to spend wisely to reach the destiny.
UNPREDICTABLE: Nobody knows what surprising effect will be over the path to reach the destiny.
INCLUDES: 384 Adigma cards with 3840 questions and mind challenges, 30 tiles, 37 point tokens, sand timer, 5 plastic envelopes, 5 pencils, 5 answer pads and instructions.

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