50 PCS Metal DND Coins with PU Leather Bag, Fantasy Gold Coins for Board Games, Game Tokens for Tabletop RPG Games, Black Dragon Bag D and D Coins Collection, Mid-Century Retro Gaming Accessories

Price: $16.99
(as of Feb 24,2023 07:49:33 UTC – Details)

Over the past 5 years, Byhoo has served more than 500,000 customers with the motto of High Quality, Original Design and Golden Service
【50PCS fantasy coins with Dragon design】 Along with a PU leather storage pouch, the package contains 50 PCS of game gold coins. The face of the dnd coins features a dragon motif, and the rear features a dragon scale
【Clear and solid dragon pattern】 The DND coins were modeled after the dragon’s appearance. When you hold these metal coins in your hands, you can clearly feel the metal brings real weight. Thanks to the improved engraving process, when you run your fingertips over the dnd coins’ dragon scale pattern, you’ll feel like you’re really touching a metal dragon
【Enhance the true immersion of the RPG game】 By using these game tokens, you can actually play on different meeting. Real weight, fine tactile feedback, real visual feedback, and even real sensory feedback such as the sound generated by metal coins colliding with each other when you lift a whole bag of coins takes players out of the real world and into that fantasy world of dragons and adventurers
【One-of-a-kind handmade PU leather pouch】 Byhoo uses high quality PU leather to make the coin storage bag. Each bag is handmade and thus they are all unique, just like no two dragons are exactly the same! The coins bag has two three-dimensional yellow eyes on top. You will be able to notice that the dragon’s eyes will glow green in the dark if you shine a light on the dragon’s eyes for a while
【A great gift for DND gamer】 From the bag to the dnd coins. This fantasy coins set is full of dragon elements. Whether it’s the dragon pattern or dragon scale pattern of the metal coins, even the PU leather bag is clearly and finely floated with dragon scale pattern. If you you wish to prepare a gift for a DND player, then this is certainly a very COOL choice

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