2021 Holographic Commemorative Bitcoin (Single Coin)

Price: $19.95
(as of Jun 07,2023 02:07:50 UTC – Details)

Holographic Commemorative Bitcoin, designed and manufactured in America. Inspired by the original Casascius coin, this item is an eye-catching decoration and a great gift for any crypto enthusiast.
The rear of the coin will reflect the full spectrum (“rainbow” colors) under direct light, including direct sunlight. Under diffuse light, it will simply appear gold, and features will be difficult to make out. To show off the colors, display the coin under one or two directed light sources, or shine a flashlight onto it (such as your phone’s).
This 2021 batch is the second batch made, and is probably the last that will be made, at very least for a while. A 2023 batch with the hologram directly embossed on the coin is possible, but unlikely. In the interim, this will be the last available supply.
Materials: Copper coin with silver cladding and gold plating. Polyester diffraction grating with gold sputter coat (“gold foil”).
Answers to anticipated questions
Is this a real Bitcoin?
This coin does not have monetary value in any currency; it does not carry Bitcoin and cannot be loaded to carry Bitcoin. While theoretically a private key could be placed under the security sticker, this has not been done to avoid regulation issues with the SEC.

What makes the coin holographic?
When minted, the back of the coin is blank, struck with a blank polished die. A holographic label is applied at the mint before placing the coin in its capsule. This label is a sheet of “gold foil” (elemental gold on polyester) which has been stamped with a diffraction grating.

I’m noticing a 0.5mm dent/bump/sticker misalignment:
The mint I work with targets MS-65 (“proof-like”) finishes. Read up on coin grading to see what this means. The holographic labels are hand-applied, leaving further room for error. I do not separate and sell these coins by grade.

Holographic design on back of coin reflects full spectrum under direct light (direct sunlight or flashlight).
Proof-like finish; coin leaves the mint in-capsule with hologram applied.
A great gift for crypto enthusiasts, but is not (and cannot be) loaded with real Bitcoin.
Designed and minted in America. Hand-assembled at North American Mint. Around 1,200 made in total—get them while they last.

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